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Safety and compliance are paramount to operating worry-free in extraction, so Precision has ensured our equipment is fully certified for all jurisdictions in the United States. Precision is also one of the few US-based extraction equipment manufacturers to provide Canadian processors with compliant, CRN registered hydrocarbon extraction systems.

The following are Precision’s equipment certifications to date. Please contact us directly if you have specific questions or needs regarding equipment compliance.

PSI Pressure Safety Inspectors

PSI (Pressure Safety Inspectors)

Primary cannabis extraction equipment is required to be engineering peer reviewed. Design review performed by a professional engineer, like PSI (Pressure Safety Inspectors), to ensure compliance with the relevant codes in a jurisdiction.

All Precision Extraction Solutions equipment is PSI certified and compliant in all 50 states.

CRN Certification

CRN (Canadian Registered Number)

An identification number that is used to identify pressure containing components in Canada and meets CSA standard B51.

In order to purchase any cannabis extraction equipment containing pressurized parts in Canada, your manufacturer must have a CRN certification.

Registered equipment includes:

ETL Intertek

Intertek Certified

Equipment containing electrical components has been reviewed and verified to the UL standards UL 61010-1/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1.

Certified equipment includes:

UL Listed Components

Equipment containing components that have been evaluated for conformance to UL standards.

Equipment which includes UL Listed components includes:


The most relevant ASME codes for cannabis extraction equipment are for pressure vessels and pressure piping often found in your primary hydrocarbon extraction systems.

Certified equipment includes:

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Need help understanding all the acronyms, codes and applicable regulations? We’ve got you covered in this easy to understand and comprehensive guide to extraction compliance.

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