Wiped Film Distillation

The CDU 1000 is our entry-level distillation offering and uses an advanced thin film technique. The automated capabilities, continuous operation and unique features of the CDU series exponentially increases the efficiency of the distillation process.

Precision CDU 1000 Cannabis Distillation Unit
canada approved

UL/CSA Listed Components & Complete Certification Available Upon Request
Designed to European (CE) Regulations

CDU 1000 Distillation Unit

Designed for
Cannabis & Hemp Distillation

Wiped Film/Thin Film

Up to 1.5L per hour*

Feed Tank Volume

Single-stage processing (single pass lights, single pass polish)

Heating Capacity
9kW total maximum

UL/CSA Listed Components & Complete Certification Available Upon Request
Designed to European (CE) Regulations
Approved for sale in Canada

Size: 74” L x 37”W x 90” H
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer (includes parts & labor, excludes glass components)

  • High-quality German components throughout
  • Professional installation included
  • Designed and engineered specifically for marijuana and hemp
  • Diffusion pump equipped vacuum system capable of 0.75 mTorr and lower
  • Auto feed/auto extraction pumps
  • Emergency shutoff and main switch
  • Roller Wiper System with Drive Motor (230V, 50/60hz) and manual adjustable speed (60-500 rpm)
  • Digital Display of the Wiper Speed
  • Material of Wiper Rollers: PTFE with 25% Glass Fibers
  • UL/CSA Listed Components
  • Complete UL/CSA certification available upon request
  • Designed to European (CE) regulations
  • CDU 1000 Distillation Unit approved for sale in all Canadian provinces


  • Dimensions (approx.) 74″ L x 37″ W x 90″ H
  • Weight 728 lb
  • Shipping Weight 960 lb


  • Evaporator surface 4.9dm2
  • Condenser surface 6.5 dm2
  • Heating medium – silicone oil & ethylene glycol
  • Cooling medium – thermal fluid
  • Evaporator temperature max 350°C
  • Condenser temperature max 200°C
  • Electrical specifications – 60A, 5 Wire WYE Configuration, 3 Phase 208V
  • Metal parts – Stainless Steel 316
  • Glass parts – Borosilicate Glass 3.3
  • Sealing materials – FPM, PTFE, Graphite
  • Warranty** One-Year Manufacturer (includes parts & labor, excludes all glass components

Feed Systems

  • Volume – 2L
  • Max Pressure in Heating Jacket – 0.5 barg
  • Julabo SE-6 Heating Circulator
  • Julabo Corio CD-BC4 Heating Circulator
  • Julabo MA-4 Heating Circulator
  • Julabo F32-MA Refrigerated/Heating Circulator
  • Julabo FT900 Direct Cooled Cold trap -80°C
Precision offers the following on-site training programs with our experienced extraction technicians.

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High-Efficiency, Continuous Feed

Precision CDU 1000 Cannabis Distillation Zoom

With the CDU 1000, you’re working with the pinnacle of marijuana and hemp distillation equipment. The thin film technique allows for higher efficiency and lower temperatures during the distillation process.

Marijuana and hemp distillation efficiency is maximized with no batch-size limitation and no flask swaps. Continuous operation with minimal downtime.

Precision CDU 1000 Short Path Wiped Film Zoom

Distillation In Action

Approx. 1 minutes

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UIC Distillation Unit

German Engineered

Our CDU series was designed and engineered with the experts at UIC GmbH. Traditional distillation units were not suited to the specific needs of the cannabis industry, so we set out to design the first wiped film distillation apparatus specifically for cannabinoid purification.

UIC GmbH Distillation Badge
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Award Winning Extracts

Our extraction and post-processing systems produce more award-winning concentrates than any other brand. Why? Because we refuse to sacrifice our standards. High-quality products require high-quality extraction.

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What is Short Path & Wiped Film Distillation?

An easy-to-follow explanation of the difference between short path and wiped film distillation. The pros & cons of each method broken down by our techs.

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