Cleaning Solvent with a Hydrocarbon Distillation Unit

While there are many methods of extraction, hydrocarbon extraction equipment is often selected for the creation of extracts including isolate/sauce, distillate, shatter, wax/sugar, tincture, and edibles. A Hydrocarbon Distillation Unit is a solvent cleaning system or hydrocarbon solvent cleaner used for butane cleaning prior to butane extraction with a hydrocarbon extractor. Operators running hydrocarbon extractors…

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Differences Between Shatter, Wax, Crumble, and Budder


  The global cannabis concentrate market was valued at $3.5 billion in 2022 (Grandview Research). Far from a straightforward space, this broad category contains a multitude of possibilities for types of extraction and SKUs. But for the average recreational consumer, shatter, wax, crumble, and budder are the names that matter, making them the most common…

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Live Rosin vs Live Resin: What is the Difference?

When it comes to cannabis extracts, there are many forms to choose from — isolate, shatter, live resin, rosin, sugar, badder, distillate, etc. But what’s the difference between live rosin and live resin? Unlike smoking weed or flower, both live rosin and live resin are concentrated, potent extracts that utilize the natural resin found in…

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How Ovens Are Used in Hydrocarbon Post-Processing

Vacuum Purge for BHO||||||||

Vacuum purge for BHO? A vacuum purge oven doesn’t garner much attention, yet without it, there would be no hydrocarbon cannabis extracts (like BHO). Vacuum purging removes undesirable materials, like residual solvents and moisture, from the cannabis concentrate while also developing the final consistency and texture of each batch. Unbeknownst to many consumers, a vacuum…

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Extracting the Story: Behind the PX Series of Hydrocarbon Extractors

  Best-in-Class: PX Series Hydrocarbon Extractors The PX 30 Hydrocarbon Extraction System “This system is truly built by extractors for extractors.” – Bo Johnson, Director of Business Development  Cannabis extraction operations vary in many ways, from location to preferred extraction method. But even within one type of extraction, there are many variables. From operation scale…

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10 Benefits of Propane Cannabis Extraction

The cannabis concentrate market relies heavily on hydrocarbons— butane, hexane, and propane are some of the most popular. Although butane may have historically garnered the most attention through the production of butane honey oil (BHO), today, all of these petroleum products are widely used. Here, we’ll look at propane cannabis extraction. Propane, used on its…

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Distillation in Vape Pens: Why is it Important?

With the massive growth in the use and production of distillate vape pens, it’s no surprise that new distillation equipment is constantly coming to market. Before selecting equipment for your facility, you should get a basic understanding of proper distillation and the different options on the market.  What’s a Vape Pen?  A distillate pen has…

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Cannabis Extraction Equipment 101

Extraction System Installation and Training||||

What is Cannabis Extraction Equipment? Before investing in cannabis or hemp oil extraction equipment, make sure you know the answers to all of the critical questions. We’ve covered several of those questions here, from preparing a business plan and determining what type of equipment is available, to understanding your local regulations and working with a…

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Vacuum Purging BHO Extracts

Vacuum Purging BHO Extracts|

If you want to create quality products, learning how to vacuum purge your BHO extracts is critical to remove residual solvent after extraction. We explain the science & equipment. Butane honey oil is a thick, golden sap-like cannabis concentrate that contains an abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes. This potent extract has been known by many…

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A Guide to Extracting Terpene Oil

extract terpene oil||

With cannabis rapidly growing in popularity as states continue to legalize its use for recreation, consumers are more knowledgeable in the different compounds the plant produces, like terpene oil and the beneficial effects of each one. Extracting these delicate terpenes from your crude oil requires a delicate process to avoid damaging the molecules that give…

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C1D1 vs C1D2: What’s the Difference?

c1d1 vs c1d2||

Following safety location classifications, specifically related to C1D1 vs. C1D2,  for manufacturing cannabis products is critical to the safety and success of any cannabis processing operation. Why Safety Location Classifications? Since fires and explosions are a significant safety concern in cannabis processing operations, how do you know which safety location classification best suits a potential…

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Cannabis and THC Potency Testing

thc potency testing|potency test step1|potency test step2|potency test step3|thc test step4|potency thc test|cannabis potency testing|thc potency testing||||||||

If you’re a cannabis grower or processor, you’re inevitably involved in CBD and THC potency testing on some level. Processing operations typically measure THC, CBD, and increasingly, minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, among others. Accurate potency testing is becoming more critical as an increasing number of states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use. Bringing…

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