Product Install
& Basic Training

3 Days On-Site

This is Precision’s all-encompassing primary extraction system installation and training program. Three days of on-site hands-on training, support and knowledge packed into one extremely valuable package.

Day 1 – Finalize installation, inspect system components, on-site pressure, and vacuum test, charging system with solvent, perform solvent only runs to clean the machine, and prepare to process material.

Day 2 – Safety overview, troubleshooting, and emergency shut down procedures are covered. Material processing, basic post-processing techniques, and end of shift shut down protocol.

Day 3 – In-depth post-processing techniques, production style workflow (back to back runs) operator assessment and re-coverage of any necessary material to confirm operational competency.

The key focus of this package is to instill extraction and post-processing basics, safe practices, and troubleshooting procedures to best prepare new operators to safely operate Precision Extraction Solutions’ primary extraction equipment. While other equipment and techniques are covered, we recommend pairing additional packages with the basic installation offering to better equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

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Equipment Required
  • Assorted Hand Tools

  • Flashlight

  • Assorted Laboratory Equipment

  • Parchment Paper

  • Nitrogen Gas

  • Solvent

Need Customized Training?

We can do that too. Speak with a training representative about your training needs and how the curriculum can be modified for your team.

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