Distillation Training

3 Days On-Site

An in-depth, hands-on program focused on fundamental distillation methodology custom-tailored to your specific distillation apparatus. From bench-scale short path systems to commercial wiped film units capable of processing up to 10 liters per hour, this package includes all of the necessary information and hands-on experience required to get your team safely and efficiently operating the distillation portion of your cannabinoid processing laboratory.

Day 1 – Finalize apparatus installation, clean/lubricate vital components, vacuum test system, high-level classroom-style distillation theory, and physics discussion.

Day 2 – Prep crude material, program TCU setpoints, secondary vacuum test, define setpoints, and other relevant parameters based on end goals, perform first pass distillation (volatile stripping).

Day 3 – Main body distillation (cannabinoid fraction purification) and establish polishing parameters (further purification to achieve higher potency analysis). Operator competency evaluation and secondary coverage of any necessary material.

NOTE: It is essential to understand that proper material preparation is vital in assuring the highest quality possible distillate product can be achieved. For this reason, we strongly recommend including our Distillation Prep package as a precursor to the Distillation Training package.

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Equipment Required
  • Assorted Handtools

  • Assorted Laboratory Glassware

  • PTFE Scrapers

Need Customized Training?

We can do that too. Speak with a training representative about your training needs and how the curriculum can be modified for your team.

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