Distillation Prep Training

2 Days On-Site

The ultimate precursor to our Distillation Package. All of the necessary methodology and techniques needed to prepare your raw extract for the best possible distillation and thus finished distillate product. Topics include winterization, filtration, decarboxylation, color remediation, and degumming. Each of these techniques serves a different purpose and can act as individual tools at your team’s disposal to create the highest quality products possible.

Day 1 – Install finalization, componentry overview, “classroom” style discussion outlining topics and methodology, safety overview, supervised operation of hardware.

Day 2 – Continued supervised operation of hardware, troubleshooting, operator competency evaluation, re-coverage of necessary material.

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Equipment Required
  • Assorted Glassware

  • Filtration Media

  • Decarboxylation Station

  • Winterization Station

  • Solvent

Need Customized Training?

We can do that too. Speak with a training representative about your training needs and how the curriculum can be modified for your team.

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