Crystallization Training

1 Day Off-Site, 2 Days On-Site

This training package covers everything your team needs to begin purifying and isolating cannabinoids via crystallization. This package includes off-site consultation prior to two days of on-site support and training.

The off-site portion of this package is required to determine project-specific parameters designed to suit your unique production demands. In some scenarios, cooling crystallization is preferred over the evaporative method and vice versa. This will need to be determined prior to specifying hardware to ensure that the proper equipment is procured. The Precision team will develop the appropriate procedure utilizing the correct solvent/solvent system/methodology to meet your team’s unique crystallization demands.

Day 1 – Hardware installation, safety overview, componentry overview, procedure walk-thru, supervised operation of all hardware and crystallization procedure implementation.

Day 2 – Continued supervision of operation, troubleshooting, operator competency evaluation and re-coverage of necessary material.

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Equipment Required
  • Air Compressor

  • Solvent

  • Distillate

  • Filtration Apparatus

  • Lab Balances

  • Drying Oven

  • Storage Containers

Need Customized Training?

We can do that too. Speak with a training representative about your training needs and how the curriculum can be modified for your team.

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