Craft Concentrate
Production Training

2 Days On-Site

All the tools you need to produce world-class award-winning concentrates. From sauce to badder, HTE to live resin vape cartridges, this package is all about making high-quality smokable concentrates.

More awards have been won utilizing Precision Extraction Solutions equipment than any other equipment manufacturer in the industry! This isn’t by coincidence. We’ve been relentlessly researching and developing our equipment and techniques for many years. Staying on the cutting-edge of product development allows us to quickly and efficiently produce the best possible hardware to be utilized to make the best possible products!

Day 1 – Equipment and componentry overview, “classroom” style discussion pertinent to craft production techniques, material-specific operational parameter development, supervised operation of primary extraction system utilizing new parameters (extremely low temperatures, high pressure, proper collection heat control, etc.)

Day 2 – Develop post-processing parameters unique to specific product types, terpene preservation practices, harvest techniques, material storage, and proper preparation, etc. Operator competency evaluation and re-coverage of necessary material.

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Equipment Required
  • Assorted Glassware

  • Assorted Scrapers/Spatulas

  • Hotplate

  • Parchment Paper

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