Centrifugal Extraction Technology

The C-40 is a centrifugal extractor designed for the optimal extraction of cannabinoids at mid to large scale volumes. With a 133L material basket, an operator can run up to 40 lb per run every 10-20 minutes*. The system is as fast as it is versatile, allowing different user specifications for temperature (down to -40°C), rotation speed, and retention time creating the optimal combination of control and ease of use.

Superior Safety & Product Durability

Designed for simplified material loading and unloading, the C-40 is very user-friendly. Engineered for ease of operation by a single operator.

Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the USA

The C-40 features multi-function jacketed housing supporting either liquid coolant or vacuum insulation with a low temperature rating to -40°C. All wetted parts are 304L, 316, and 2205 sanitary stainless steel.

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