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The C-40 is a centrifugal extractor designed for mid to large scale volumes. The system is as fast as it is versatile, allowing different specifications for temperature, rotation speed, and retention time creating the optimal combination of control and ease.

Canada Approved

C1D2 Compliant
UL Listed electronics USA/Canada

Size: 65” L x 32”W x 49” H
Warranty: 1-Year

C-40 Centrifuge Extractor

C-40 (Low Temp Extraction)
C-40E (Room Temp Extraction)


98%+ removal of cannabinoids
97%+ removal of solvent

Cycle time
10-20 minutes*

Up to 40 lb per cycle*

Isolate/Sauce, Distillate & Crude

C1D2 Compliant
UL Listed electronics USA/Canada

Canada Approved

Size: 65” L x 32”W x 49” H
Warranty: 1-Year

  • Optimized basket configuration for long term durability and balance
  • Proprietary Opti-Balance intelligent load sensing system for superior safety and product durability
  • 133L material basket
  • Engineered for ease of operation by a single operator
  • Designed for simplified material loading and unloading
  • All wetted parts are 304L, 316, and 2205 sanitary stainless steel
  • Multi-function jacketed housing supporting either liquid coolant or vacuum insulation
  • Low temperature rating to -40°C (C-40 only)
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

Applicable for C-40E Only:

  • Pneumatic pumps for easy fluid transfer
  • Equipped with FDA compliant HDPE barrels
  • Quick disconnect for rapid tank swapping
  • Class 1, Division 2 Compliant
  • UL Listed electronics (C1D2) USA/Canada
  • C-40 and C-40E Centrifuges are both approved for sale in all Canadian provinces
  • Dimensions (approx.) 65″ L x 32″ W x 49″ H
  • Weight 1,450 lb
  • Power Specs – 230 VAC, 60 Hz (3 phase), 29 A
  • Interior Finish Spec – Ra32 or better
  • Basket size ∅26″ X 15.38 133L
  • Variable frequency drive 0-1561 RPM (900 Gs)
  • Max flood volume 7.2 FT3 (204 Liters)
  • HMI size – 7″ Panelview 7 Plus and 24 VDC with ethernet
  • Sanitary connection specs – 4″ feed, 3″ effluent outlet, and 2 QTY-1″ (Lid)
  • Warranty** One-Year

Applicable for C-40 Only:

  • Minimal operational temperature is -40°C (due to mechanical seal o-rings, all other seals are capable of -80°F)

Superior Safety & Durability

Precision C-40 Centrifuge Ethanol Extraction Equipment

The C-40 series was designed and engineered in exclusive partnership with Western States and is manufactured in the USA. The C-40 series centrifuges, as well as the C-40 universal tanks, are constructed of 304L and 316L sanitary stainless steel.

Simplified material loading and unloading makes the C-40 series very user-friendly and only requires a single operator. Both configurations are a complete package, including chillers, pumps and tanks to make purchasing and installation turn-key.

The C-40 features multi-function jacketed housing supporting either liquid coolant or vacuum insulation allowing for a low temperature rating to -40°C. Operators can get down to temperature quickly and stay there in order to mitigate the post processing requirement for winterization.

Precision C-40E Centrifuge Extraction

Optimal for room temperature extraction, the C-40E configuration is great for rapid extraction when increased throughput is the objective. Winterization occurs separately in post processing when using a room temperature extraction method and could be preferred depending on your extraction lab’s workflow.

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