Lab Armor 14L Bead Bath with 12L Lab Armor Beads

Waterless laboratory bead baths reduce the contamination and messy condensation you see in water baths.

Precision MPS 5000 Multi Purpose Extraction Skid

Traditional water baths are associated with messy condensation and the growing of harmful germicides. Cascade Sciences Bead Baths are the next generation of a decades-old lab bath technology.

Equipment Included

Lab Armor 14L Bead Bath + 12L Lab Armor Beads


100-120V / 1ph / ~4.5A  50/60 Hz
Part Number LAR-1801010034


Temp Stability upto 80C

Chamber Size

14 Liters


NRTL Certified

Dimensions (approx.)

Height 8.5″ (21.6 cm), Width 15.9″ (40.5 cm), Depth 18.5″ (47 cm)