Benchtop Fume Hood

Precision’s benchtop fume hoods provide the safest work environment possible with down to 60 ft/min consistent laminar airflow across the face of the hood. Available in three standard sizes and fully customizable in width, height, and depth to fit your application or space, these fume hoods will provide you with versatility, durability, and quality. All options are built with 16-gauge galvanized steel-pan construction, angled front post design, and removable side panels and come equipped with a chemical-resistant poly resin liner. All benchtop fume hoods are proudly made in the USA and proudly assembled in Michigan!

Color Remediation Column Precision CRC

UL Listed 1805
     – iQ Labs OGOY.   MH28517

ASHRAE-110 Tested & Approved


LA Series 
Benchtop Fume Hood

Chemical Resistant Finish