Cannabis Extraction Equipment

If you’re in the cannabis market for distillation equipment for creating vape pens, then you might be feeling overwhelmed by the available options. With the massive growth in distillation in vape pens and production, it’s no surprise that new distillation equipment is constantly coming to the market. Before you pick the right equipment for your facility, you should get a basic understanding of the inner workings of proper distillation and the different options on the market.

For instance, how does a distillation system in a vape pen work, and why is it beneficial? Here’s what you need to know about vape pen distillation before you choose the best equipment for your needs.

What Is the Vape Pen Distillation Process? 

First, you should start with the most basic question: what is the distillation process? In short, distillation is a method that can separate different liquids, such as alcohol, oil, perfume, and cannabis. As such, distillation is critical to several industries, with the cannabis industry being a big one. 

No matter what’s being distilled, the first step is to heat the mixture of liquids, taking advantage of the fact that many liquids have different boiling points. Once the liquids heat up and enter the gas phase, the distillation equipment used can condense them back to liquid form after any unwanted compounds have been separated and removed. 

The result of the distillation process is the formation of distillate. The distillate is a tasteless, odorless, translucent oil that has been condensed and no longer has any undesirable compounds from the plant it came from—as the distillation process has enabled their easy removal. 

So how does this work in vape pens specifically? Distillate vape pens have two parts, each with its purpose. One part contains concentrated cannabis oil; the other has a battery meant to heat that oil up to gas form to create an even more concentrated and purified product. Consumers can then inhale the vapor using the vape pen’s mouthpiece, ensuring they get a strong, pure product to enjoy—all thanks to the vape pen distillation process. 

What’s the Benefit of Vape Pen Distillation? 

Now that you know how the vape pen distillation process works, it’s time to consider why it’s so important. This process has several benefits for consumers and businesses alike, making cannabis distillation equipment essential to this industry. 

First, it’s a simple way to eliminate any impurities, leaving consumers with the cleanest, most concentrated cannabis possible. Cannabis vape pen distillation equipment allows a process to remove unwanted substances. For example, cannabis distillation equipment can remove the following: 

  • Ethanol 
  • Carbon dioxide 
  • Fertilizers 
  • Lipids 
  • Butane solvent 
  • Terpenes 

Once you remove these types of matter, a very pure form of cannabis is produced. Not only that, but you have a very concentrated, potent product. And that’s the second benefit of the distillation process, especially compared to alternative techniques such as CO2 extraction. When you have such a potent product, you have a lot of versatility in how you use it, whether for vaping, dabbing, or making edibles and topicals. So if you want that kind of flexibility with your products, you need proper distillation for your cannabis—whether it’s through a vape pen or larger equipment for your facility. 

Another benefit of distillation is that you can decide what the product tastes or smells like. After all, with the terpenes removed through distillation, your cannabis will be tasteless and odorless, so you can add your own flavors. This ability to add flavors is especially beneficial if you plan on making edibles for customers. Some facilities are well-known for offering unique, tasty flavors for their cannabis, and distillation is a big part of that if you want to do the same. 

Finally, the use of cannabis distillation equipment provides you with an advantage because of how cannabis is taxed. In many states, it’s taxed on its weight, so if you remove plant compounds and other unwanted matter to create a purer form of cannabis, you’ll be taxed less while being able to offer a highly concentrated product to consumers. This is a win/win for both your facility and your customers.

Distillation Equipment to Know About 

Distillation is beneficial for the cannabis industry as a whole. Distillation in vape pens is essential for helping consumers get even purer, more concentrated cannabis on the go. But you can also complete the distillation process on a larger scale at your facility as you produce cannabis for vapes, edibles, and more. You just need the right cannabis distillation equipment to get started. There are two main types of cannabis distillation equipment on the market. You should learn their pros and cons before deciding which one will work for your facility. 

Short Path Distillation Equipment 

Short path distillation equipment tends to be small, which is ideal if you don’t have a lot of space for your cannabis equipment. It lets you easily distill the cannabinoids by bringing your mixture to a boil until you can separate the unwanted compounds. The equipment will then vaporize and condense the mix for you, creating a pure, concentrated product you can use for vaping, edibles, topicals, and more. 

The main advantage of short path distillation equipment is its small size. But the drawback is that you might need to use it several times on the same mixture to get the results you want. Running the mix through the equipment multiple times can be time-consuming, which may be a problem if you have a small staff and tight deadlines for your products. 

Wiped Film Distillation Equipment 

Another popular type of cannabis distillation equipment is wiped film. Wiped film machinery is usually larger than the short path option, taking up more room. But you typically only need to run the mixture through the machine once or twice to get a pure product, saving you a lot of time. 

People tend to consider this method of distilling cannabis more sophisticated than the short path method, as it is more streamlined and easier on the compounds involved in the process. This distillation process uses wipers to put a very thin film of liquid on the interior of a heated surface, quickly separating the unwanted compounds from the cannabinoids. As a result, the cannabinoids spend the least amount of time possible under extreme heat, which benefits the resulting product. 

What Cannabis Equipment Is Best For Distillation In Vape Pens? 

If you’re not sure which cannabis distillation equipment may be right for you, consider what volume of cannabis products you’re planning to produce, as well as how much space you have for storing your machinery. If you have a minor operation or you’re just getting started—and you don’t have a lot of extra space for cannabis distillation equipment—short path distillation equipment may be a good idea for now. But if you have a lot of room at your facility and have a high-production operation that requires you to do large batches of distillation, wiped film equipment may be the best option to meet your needs. 

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