Precision Becomes First and Only Extraction Equipment OEM to Achieve Compliance in All 50 States


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    Precision Expands Their Strategic Partnership with Pressure Safety Inspectors and Launches Field Verification Program

    Precision® Extraction Solutions (“Precision”), the world leader in cannabis and hemp extraction technology, today announced a strategic partnership with Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI). Through the partnership with PSI, Precision is launching a safety and certification program that will streamline compliance when buying Precision extractors.

    Extraction facility businesses need to follow complex fire code compliance for all of the processing equipment that they purchase. Precision’s extraction product line comes standard with a Technical Report certification from PSI that satisfies 2018 IFC® INTERNATIONAL FIRE CODE® and 2018 NFPA 1 FIRE CODE for all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. In an industry leading move, Precision and PSI will also offer a Field Verification Voucher aimed at streamlining local site inspection requirements once equipment is reassembled and ready for final inspection.

    “Safety is our top priority. We’re thrilled to partner with PSI to meet the highest standards of safety in the U.S. and internationally,” said Michael Lewis, VP of Business Development at Precision Extraction Solutions. “All of Precision’s equipment is now pre-approved and ready for professional engineers to field verify in order for extraction facilities to get their equipment operational faster.”

    Extraction equipment needs to be calibrated correctly for both pressure and temperature. When reviewing an extraction system, PSI examines the product’s specifications, parts list and drawings, and checks whether the system’s mechanics are sound. Having equipment pre-approved as it leaves the manufacturing floor saves companies purchasing Precision equipment both time and money.

    “When we do a field test, we’re looking at each vessel, each piping component, each valve, each chiller, each heater and making sure it’s appropriate for the process and is safe,” said Chris Witherell, PE , CEO of PSI. “We’ve long respected the engineering and innovation of Precision extractors, and we’re proud to partner with them on this first-of-its-kind certification program.”

    “With demand for TerrAscend’s high-quality cannabis products continuing to grow, our focus remains on exceeding patient and consumer expectations while expanding market share,” said Greg Rochlin, CEO of TerrAscend North East. “By streamlining and simplifying the certification and verification process, Precision has enabled us to rapidly scale our operations and extraction capabilities.”

    This new Technical Report certification and Field Verification voucher allows us to be operational faster, providing the best ROI on equipment investments.”

    Table of Contents
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