THC Remediation CBD Hemp Oil

Looking to remediate THC from your hemp extract? Do the upfront and operational costs make chromatography a cost-prohibitive option for your business?

Precision Extraction Solutions is proud to announce our all-new T-SEP THC/THC-a Separation Process!

T-SEP is a revolutionary, patent-pending THC removal process that’s efficient, scalable, and extremely cost-effective. At a consumable expense of approximately $3.50 per liter, this groundbreaking technology mitigates the exorbitant cost of flash chromatography media thus creating a lower-cost alternative to traditional cannabinoid separation techniques. The standard T-SEP Model 7LPH configuration comes in the standardized size of 3x 100L vessels with all necessary appendages and is capable of processing up to 7 liters of crude oil per hour.

The T-SEP process and supporting equipment cost less than half of similar scale chromatography equipment. The process also provides users with an extremely low operational cost comparative to chromatography, it achieves better results, and has almost zero process losses; making it the only cost-effective option in the market to remove these cannabinoids from hemp-derived extract!

Process Features:

  • Process up to 7 liters per 60-minute cycle time
  • 99%+ THC/THC-a removal
  • 99%+ Process solvent recovery
  • Extremely low operational cost (approx $3.50/liter)
  • GRAS, instrument grade solvents
  • Installation, equipment, license, and support included in package price
  • Non-hazardous waste streams
  • No cross-contamination of THC/THC-a into output stream
  • Better results than chromatography, with almost zero process losses
  • Solvent-Based, requires no filter media
Precision T-SEP THC Remediation

T-SEP – THC/THC-a Remediation

Achieve THC-free CBD distillate without chromatography

  • For THC removal for CBD hemp oil
  • 99%+ THC/THC-a removal
  • 99% process solvent recovery
  • Approx. $3.50 per liter
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