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Patent-Pending T-SEP & L-SEP Processes for Hemp Processing

Precision Extraction Solutions is pleased to announce two patent-pending processes, T-SEP and L-SEP, to optimize the extraction and purification of cannabis and hemp oil.

New THC Remediation Technology

T-SEP, short for THC separation, is the world’s most efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solution to produce THC-free CBD distillate. This groundbreaking hemp processing technology mitigates the exorbitant cost of flash chromatography media, thus creating the lowest cost alternative to traditional cannabinoid separation techniques. The process, which only costs $3.50 per liter of processed hemp crude oil, addresses the industry’s demand for a cost-effective and high-yield solution for remediating THC and THC-A from extracted oils.

The T-SEP Model 7LPH is capable of processing up to 7 liters of crude oil per hour and is able to remove over 99% of THC/THC-A. The state-of-the-art equipment and process comes in the standardized size of 3x100L vessels with all necessary operational hardware. Precision is currently in the process of developing custom THC/THC-A remediation solutions that can process up to 100 liters per hour.

New Winterization Technology

In addition to this technology, Precision also unveiled its revolutionary L-SEP, short for Lipid Separation, process. L-SEP instantaneously winterizes, a process that separates fats and waxes from plant oil extract at room temperature.

With Precision’s high throughput L-SEP, the winterization process is reduced from the industry standard of 24 hours to less than 10 minutes with over 97% of lipid removal from crude oil. Cannabis and hemp processors that utilize this technology will also save on expensive refrigeration and temperature control costs since the process is performed at room temperature.The L-SEP can be customized to almost any scale, depending on individual processing demands. The 60LPH base configuration model comes standard with 100L vessel/filter press combination and all necessary appendages. The L-SEP 60LPH, which works with both hydrocarbon and CO2 crude cannabis and hemp extracts, is capable of processing up to 60 liters of crude oil per hour at a cost of less than 50 cents per liter.

Revolutionizing Cannabis & Hemp Processing

“Hemp and cannabis processing is more efficient and exciting than ever before, and we are proud to share this new technology as an increasing number of companies aim to streamline operating costs and maximize extraction throughput,” said Marc Beginin, CEO of Precision. “Precision is leveraging its tremendous R&D resources to maximize profitability for our customers in a precarious economy. It’s a win-win situation for all. The T-SEP and L-SEP processes demonstrate our commitment to providing groundbreaking technologies to the growing industry.”

Hemp Processing THC Removal
T-SEP – THC/THC-a Remediation

Achieve THC-free CBD distillate without chromatography

  • For THC removal for CBD hemp oil
  • 99%+ THC/THC-a removal
  • 99% process solvent recovery
  • Approx. $3.50 per liter
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Hemp Processing Equipment Winterize
L-SEP – Room Temperature Winterization

Instantaneously winterize crude in less than 10 minutes

  • Suitable for hydrocarbon and CO2 crude extracts
  • 97%+ lipid removal
  • 97% process solvent recovery
  • Suitable for cannabis and hemp
  • Approx. $0.50 per liter
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