Nearly two years in the making, Precision has just released its KPD Series of industrial extractors, with the first KPD Vulcan rolling off the assembly line just in time for harvest. Processing plants of the magnitude and power of the Vulcan typically take years to build. The Vulcan, with its revolutionary modular design and continuous processing of 10,000+ lbs of cannabis per day, can be built, delivered, and installed in a matter of months!

The Vulcan is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, allowing you to bypass the headaches of building codes by operating directly on the farm. Engineered for minimal operating expenses, the Vulcan only requires four operators compared to upwards of 30 persons required to operate batch setups with similar processing rates.

To further simplify and streamline the process, the Vulcan is controlled via a PLC and HMI, enabling you remote operation and monitoring. Some of the key features include over 99.6% ethanol recovery, C.I.P. skid, and solvent reproofing, ensuring your process is optimized for efficiency in all scenarios. Engineered by industrial process experts at AMG Engineering in direct partnership with Precision’s industry-leading cannabis processing knowledge, make the KPD Series of industrial extractors the paramount industrial processing solution for cannabis and hemp.

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