Precision Extraction Solutions is excited to announce our all-new CDU 3000 Commercial Distillation Unit! With the CDU 3000, you’re working with the pinnacle of hemp and cannabis distillation equipment. The automated capabilities, continuous operation and unique features of the CDU series exponentially increase the efficiency of the distillation process.

Crude oil is fed into the distillation column via an automatic dosing pump. The dosing pump is fully programmable based on the operator’s desired throughput. The crude oil is pumped into a column, where it is evenly distributed over the evaporative surface by several PTFE “rollers”. This thin film technology allows higher efficiency and lower temperatures to be utilized during the distillation process.

The CDU series maximizes the efficiency of cannabis and hemp distillation with no batch-size limitations and no flask swaps. Continuous operation with minimized downtime.

  • Up to 6 L per hour throughput

  • Single-stage processing (single pass lights, single pass polish)

  • Professional installation and training included

  • Designed specifically for hemp and cannabis

  • Continuous feed system, not limited to batch size

  • Diffusion pump equipped vacuum system capable of 0.75 mTorr and lower

  • 12 kW total power load

  • Auto feed/auto extraction pumps

  • Emergency shutoff and main switch

  • Rotary vane/diffusion vacuum pump combination

  • Equipped with Julabo USA, Inc. Temperature Control Units