The Evolution of Extraction

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, producers and processors are struggling to meet an ever-growing demand for high quality extracts while maximizing internal efficiencies.

Existing commercial batch processing (a method which involves manually loading and unloading the extraction equipment) has processing limitations of approximately 700 kilograms of raw cannabis per day. Scaling production up means adding equipment and personnel on a one-for-one basis in order to increase processing volumes. While this may be a semi-effective short-term solution, in the long-term it creates increased and unnecessary labor cost, equipment maintenance, and a largely inefficient process overall.

Hence, a need has developed for industrial processing capacities with efficient, continuous feed extraction and post-processing technologies.

While some continuous feed technologies do exist today, none are specifically tailored for cannabis input to THC/CBD distillate.

Enter the 3000 KPD.

Precision® Extraction Solutions latest development is the 3000 KPD, the industrial solution for high volume cannabis extraction processing. Utilizing ethanol as a solvent, the 3000 KPD processes up to 3,000 kilograms (over 6,600 lbs) of raw cannabis material per day. It is a true continuous feed system — meaning raw cannabis is placed into a hopper on one end and it comes out as THC or CBD distillate on the other.

Everything on the 3000 KPD is automated and continuous, which contributes to its massive throughput capabilities. The core system requires only 4 technicians to operate the machinery, an immense improvement over large batch production methods which don’t come close to the throughput of the 3000 KPD.

Over a year in the making, the Precision® engineering team and its third-party engineering partners designed the 3000 KPD, a revolutionary technology in the cannabis industry. The patent pending systems contained within the 3000 KPD, such as the counter-current ethanol-based extraction and propriety micro filtration, are scaled technologies that exclusively exist within the 3000 KPD.

The 3000 KPD was also designed with scalability in mind. The same technologies may be incorporated into larger systems of almost any size. Hence, the big brother of the 3000 KPD is naturally the 6000 KPD, offering 6,000 kilograms (over 13,000 lbs) of raw cannabis processing per day. The scalability is essentially boundless; future KPD iterations may process up to several hundred tons of input material per day.

Precision’s engineering team specifically designed the 3000 KPD with large scale industrial processors in mind. Overcoming the physical and technological obstacles of scaled production is what the 3000 KPD does best.

The 3000 KPD is the solution for industrial processors and the next step of evolution in the extraction industry.

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