Meet the all new PX1 v2017… The Evolution of Extraction

The industry’s most ergonomic and efficient extractor design, 24″ x 36″ footprint for maximum use of limited lab space, material column sight glasses for increased process control, solvent tank inner coil for the fastest cooling possible, nickel stacked and electropolished welds for maximum durability. ASME certified. Compliant in ALL regulated jurisdictions. Seven times the throughput of comparable CO2 supercritical extraction equipment at a fraction of the cost. #MadeWithPrecision

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Precision® extraction equipment utilizes hydrocarbon solvents, the most efficient method to commercially extract oil from hemp and cannabis plants, including CBD, THC and terpene compounds, for medical and other applications. Hydrocarbon extraction is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved method of extracting botanical oils. Our extraction systems are certified in all regulated jurisdictions for safe, effective operation and the production of superior concentrates.

Precision® extraction systems are also 3A food processing compliant and all our extraction processing equipment is manufactured with the end consumer in mind, built to the highest standards in the industry, with sanitary food grade stainless steel. Insist on safe, quality oil and extracts… Made with Precision®